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The importance of establishing a tradition

Two glasses of bubbles in front of a red rose

How can we make a tradition? In 2010, it required only one stop at the Emirates Business Lounge in Dubai. Arriving in Europe after a long flight, we felt somewhat dazed. We stumbled into the expansive lounge gazing around in amazement.

What to do first? On display before us was a bewildering selection of food types and drinks catering for the huge variety of people who pass through. After falling victim to airline meals, hunger wasn’t our top priority. But a bottle of Moët called to us from its nest in an ice bucket. And so we had a glass (or two) despite, or perhaps in spite of the hour. After all, it was holiday time now.

Ever since, when passing through Dubai, our tradition of taking a glass of Moët, smelling the rose placed on every table and reflecting on how lucky we are to be taking this trip is a priority. Photos also help us remember each occasion.

Two glasses of sparkling liquid sit in front of a red rose
Image taken March 2018

Subsequent holidays reinforced this guilty pleasure and our glass of bubbles has become a marker of the holiday commencement. Despite generally arriving in Dubai at 5.30 am, we aim to uphold our practice and take our taste of Moët. Our tradition is renewed and cemented each time we pass through – and is now very much a part of our unique history.

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