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Exploring the North Island: Finding the gems

After a brief stopover at home to do the washing and collect some warmer clothes, we are off to explore New Zealand’s north island. Often overlooked by visitors in favour of the South Island, we are exploring the nooks and crannies to find the best locations. I tried to research where photographers should go when visiting the North Island but found very few tips. So this is something that might be of interest to other photographers who are contemplating a visit. Keep an eye out on the blog for my suggestions.

Watch out for new opportunities to learn with LensArt

I’ve announced some tentative dates for the next round of LensArt workshops on using your smartphone to take better photos, editing your photos for impact and also how to take better videos. Check out the website for more details and to register your interest.

An Indian woman working making mud bricks
Rediscovering India’s Heart: A Soulful Expedition to uncover desert magic

I’m about to depart for 40 days in India. It’s a return to India for me, to explore new places and rediscover some favourites.

We’re doing two circuits in central western India, one around Goa and the other around Gujurat, chasing elusive birds and seeking the Asiatic Lion and the Indian Wild Ass. Then we’re off to the three day Jaisalmer Desert Festival celebrating the culture and traditions of Rajasthan. We’re finishing out trip in Varanasi to take in some more of this incredible city.

So come along and visit rainforests, wetlands, famous national parks, salt marshes, desert paradises, bird sanctuaries and holy cities with me. There will also be forts, ruins, ceremonies and camels – what more could you ask for?

Remembering my last trip to India in 2020

Looking back through my images from January-February 2020, I remembered our two visits to the Vegetable Market in New Delhi. A place of noise and constant movement, of deals and trading, of people pleased to pose for a portrait. So I made a short video to put all these things together. Check it out below (video opens on an external site).

Amore on the Road: A Dreamy Italian Road trip Through Secluded Villages, Timeless Ruins, and Heavenly Cuisine

We’ve begun our Italian road trip, hitting the chaos of Naples peak hour, the sublime coastal scenery south of Amalfi and the mountainous turns high in Calabria.

Join me as we discover previously buried cities blanketed in ash and lava from the mighty Mount Vesuvius.

Come visit Greek temples, a part of the Magna Grecia world. Taste pizza like never before. Smell the perfume of the purple wisteria and heavenly orange blossom as we discover the art of making mozzarella.

Ciao bella Italia

Video report from the last Phone Camera workshop
photographic tour: The Wildlife wonders of sri Lanka

I’m just back from a totally amazing 3 weeks in Sri Lanka, so am deep in the process of reviewing images. Taking a tour with IPhotograph Magic Tours yielded a kaleidoscope of natural wonders. Some of these included birds, buffalo, leopards, elephants and monkeys, which entertained and delighted us. Not to mention the lovely human inhabitants of the Teardrop of India. We stayed in fabulous accommodation, ate amazing food and laughed until we cried with our newfound friends.

More images will be published soon. Click here for a new blog about an idyllic afternoon on the Kalemetiya lagoons.