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Through my lens

Digital artist and photographer
Graphic designer and wordsmith

Lensart: bringing creativity, design and art to your world

I am Alison, a creative writer, a traveller, a graphic designer and a passionate photographer. I’m an Aussie citizen of this small blue planet and trying to reduce my footprint on it.

On this site, you can see what I can do for you and find stories about what I am working on right now. So get in touch if you see something that interests you!

A woman in a red cap stands in front of a tower

The emergence and growth of digital media means that words and images have never been more important in presenting ourselves to the world. Lucky for you, I am here to help you with both.

Because I’ve worked with communication using words and graphics for decades, I have lots of skills. Recently I’ve complemented these skills with expertise in graphic design, photography and the medium of digital art.

Together, we can produce the look or brand or fantasy image your vision is calling for.

Or if you’re just cruising by, you can also read stories about my travels and the world according to LensArt.

Digital art – Hooded Robins of Woomargama
Social media – The Covers promotion
Fantasy images – Sacred Moon