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6 easy tweaks to make your next holiday just a little more environmentally friendly

Here are six easy things you can add to your luggage to reduce the environmental impact of your next trip.

Many of us try to reduce environmental impacts at home. But what about on holiday? Take these 5 items with you to help make your next holiday more environmentally friendly.

  1. Your own refillable water bottle

Most of us have lots of water bottles at home. But do you always remember to take yours when you go on holiday? If you are travelling to developing countries, this is even more important as the enormous amount of plastic waste generated by disposable water bottles grows exponentially. Taking your own bottle can help reduce the number of single use plastic bottles.

Some bottles even come with their own filter to help purify the water, reduce the nasties thus lessening the need to buy clean and safe water in plastic bottles. My favourite is the Lifestraw filter bottle. (If you want to read more about plastic pollution and tourism this is a great article.)

The World Wildlife Fund reported in June 2018 that more than 200 million tourists visiting the Mediterranean every summer cause an almost 40 per cent spike in plastic entering the sea. With 80 per cent of all tourism taking place in coastal areas, this destructive pattern is repeated elsewhere.

2. Your own reusable coffee cup

Similar to water bottles, the keep cup can replace disposable coffee containers. You can get all sizes and qualities now. My current favourite is the Yeti Rambler mug that keeps your hot drinks really hot for the longest time. It even works on cold drinks. Seriously, this is the best one I’ve ever had. I also like Frank Green cups, and if I’m short on space, take it instead.

3. A sturdy plastic container

Yes, I know it’s made of plastic, but it’s durable and lightweight. Taking a container like this has many benefits from storing food, to carrying tea bags. When we travel, we try to pack our own lunch. This is not only cost effective, but also allows fussy eaters like me to get what I want for lunch. We shop at the local markets, which is a unique experience that shows you how the locals really live. Having your own lunch also means that you can stop whenever and wherever you like, so you don’t have to find a restaurant or café for what could end up being second-rate fare.

4. A collection of sealable bags

These can help store excess food or carry your cheese to that picnic spot. Baggies are also useful to enclose toiletries that have the potential to leak in your luggage. I am continually amazed at the uses we have found for our collection of lock-seal bags and how long they last.

Handy items to take on your trip
Handy items to take with you

5. A few items of cutlery

These are essential to make use of your lunch box or for having picnics or even wine and cheese at a lookout or park. A plastic sharp knife (with its own protective sheath), a knife, fork, spoon, a teaspoon and a corkscrew are always in our kit. If space permits, we often add one of those slender, plastic sheets for cutting our cheese or other goodies on.

6. A carry bag

A boomerang bag if you’re an Aussie, or any practical carry bag that allows you to avoid plastic bags dispensed in shops and markets. You can even carry one of those clever fold-up bags that take up virtually no room.

There are many other tweaks you can make to help reduce the impact of your travels. What are your favourites?

These 6 things are some of the easiest to take along with you to help reduce the environmental impacts of tourism. You probably already have most of them at home, they don’t weigh much or take up much space.

How will you help reduce your environmental impact next time you travel?

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